7 Ways To Save When Painting Your Home by Supreme Painting

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January 19, 2016
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January 19, 2016
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7 Ways To Save When Painting Your Home by Supreme Painting

7 Ways To Save When Painting Your Home by Supreme Painting

At Supreme Painting, we’re here for our customers. Of course we’d love your business, but our real goal is to help save you money and make your life easier whenever we can. That’s why we want to make it easy for you to take advantage of our expert knowledge and experience. If we can save you some time, a little money, and a major headache, then we can feel like our job was done right.

So, if you’re feeling ambitious and you are planning to repaint a room, several rooms, or even a whole house, follow these simple steps to save a some time and money. Or, you can always call Supreme Painting for a free quote!

Let’s take a look.

Utilize the Recycling Center: This is probably one of the most overlooked tips in this list. When businesses or households have old or excess paint, they often drop it off at the recycling center or the hazardous waste disposal center. Since paint often has a long shelf-life, much of this paint is still useable. The best part? You can often pick this paint up for free.

Check the Hardware Store Often: Just like when you’re shopping for that sweet deal on jeans, or a brand new HDTV, you need to check for paint sales often. Paint often goes on sale or clearance, and occasionally you can even find mistinted paint available for almost 75% off! If you plan on needing a lot of paint, and haven’t settled on a color, it might be worth your time to check out this section of your local paint or hardware store.

Spend a Little More on Better Paint: This may sound counterintuitive, but spending a little more on nicer paint can actually save you money in the long run. Nicer paint tends to cover better, meaning that you’ll be able to cover a wall the first pass, saving you time and money.

Use a Primer: Much like the better paint scenario, this is a spend money to save money situation. By using a primer you almost guarantee that your paint will adhere well and cover up better, that means using less paint, and less paint means less money!

Paint Like a Pro: It may seem like you need to squeeze every drop of paint out of your roller, but this can actually lead to a haphazard appearance. Painting with lots of paint and a light touch will cover more effectively and look better too! If you have any questions, just call the pros at Supreme Painting!

Buy in Bulk: As with almost everything, paint is cheaper in bulk. If you plan to paint several rooms you can save money by using one color for all of the rooms. If you are dead set on various colors, talk to your local paint store about buying several different gallons for the bulk price.

Cover Your Rollers and Brushes: Brushes and rollers can be quite expensive, and a lot of people tend to discard them after each use. Save yourself some money and tightly cover your brushes and rollers with plastic bags or saran wrap. This will keep them from becoming hard and drying out overnight, so the next day you can keep using the same brush.

All of these tips can help you save some serious money when painting. However, we know that not all jobs can be tackled by the average person with so many other things taking up your valuable time. That’s why Supreme Painting is glad to be here to help. That’s why our final tip to save time and money on painting is: call Supreme Painting today for your free quote!

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