Choosing the Right Color for Your House’s Exterior

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Choosing the Right Color for Your House’s Exterior

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The perfect color for the outside of your home is something that is not only reflective of your personality, but is also a decision that hinges on quite a few considerations. These include the style of your home, the neighborhood you are in, and, of course, your budget. To help you with deciding on what color is best for your home’s exterior, here are some tips that can make that decision easier.

Check your neighborhood for ideas – no, you are not checking out other houses to copy them, but rather to get an idea as to which paints will complement the colors of your existing neighborhood. You would not want to choose colors that clash with the rest of the other houses around you, which may get your home branded as an eyesore. Find colors that are commonly used by the other houses around you, and pick colors that are not necessarily the same but are not out of place with the surroundings, either.

Don’t just pick one, pick at least three – if you want your home to look as good as it should from the outside, you should choose at least three colors to paint it with. These are the field color, the trim color, and the accent color. The number of colors you choose to use depends on the design of your home, and some homes look better with four colors or five. The other colors can be for the door, the roof, and the shutters. Of course, when you decide on the number, as well as the colors, you will still need to take note of your home’s design and structural elements.

Match your choices with your home’s architectural style – try to find colors that are ideal for the kind of home you have, and there are a few professional painting companies that can help you with this. It would be rather odd if you paint a federal style home a minty green or a cottage style home in orange tones. Find what the best shades are for your kind of home by choosing from a palette that is in line with historical information about colors used for these types of houses.

Take note of rules and restrictions regarding colors allowed in your neighborhood – some districts that are considered historic may impose color restrictions on exterior paint for houses in the area. Sometimes color restrictions are imposed by a homeowner’s association that has been around longer than your home or you have been. Whatever the case may be, it would be a good idea for you to find out about these before deciding on a color scheme for your home’s exterior, so as to avoid the need to repaint your home in the allowable colors of your area after you already spent money on having it painted in the first place.

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