Covid-19 Procedures

To Our Valued Clients,

We recognize that these are challenging times and have instituted steps to minimize any disruption in the services we provide you as the outbreak progresses.

We have plans in place to ensure we can continue to deliver a high-level of service to you while keeping you, your family, and our employees safe.

Our top priorities concerning COVID-19 (Corona virus):

      1. Ensuring the safety of our clients and employees

      2. Continuing to provide great experiences to our clients

      3. Supporting all efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19

We have implemented several new processes:

  • All employees and field personnel are to check temperatures every morning and at lunch. Any person with fever over 100.3 is to be sent home immediately.

  • We are following CDC recommendations to frequent hand wash hands and useing hand sanitizers. 

  • We are limiting social gatherings and have instituted a “6-foot” rule. All office personnel are working from home.

  • We will be confirming with our clients that there is no one has been  ill or running a fever. If so, we will reschedule any appointments until the person is no longer running fever. If you have a scheduled appointment and are running a fever, please call to reschedule.

If you have any concerns please speak with your Supreme Painting representative. We appreciate the trust that you have placed in Supreme Painting. We’ll monitor things and take the necessary actions to assist our employees and keep clients safe while providing the Great Experiences that you simply have come to expect from Supreme Painting.

Dalton Tomlinson, Owner
Supreme Painting