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Dangers of Popcorn Ceilings

White colored popcorn ceiling

Popcorn ceilings are also known as Acoustic Ceilings, and nowadays, people don’t like them. People like seeing smooth ceilings, and will go to great lengths to avoid purchasing homes that have popcorn ceilings. But what makes people truly avoid them like the plague is that popcorn ceilings typically have asbestos inside of them. As long as the ceiling remains undisturbed, the ceilings usually pose no serious health risks of any kind. The trouble starts when people want this particular texture removed. When disturbed, the asbestos fibers may be inhaled and it will give you respiratory problems, and worse of all, you may get mesothelomia. This is a malignant form of cancer that’s related to asbestos exposure.

What happens is that when you inhale the fibers, they settle deep inside the tissue lining of the lungs and then multiply, filling the lungs with tumors, preventing the affected person from breathing properly.

If you still want to destroy your popcorn ceiling and smoothen it out, call the professionals and get it tested for asbestos first. If it tests positive, trust the professionals to do their job, especially if the plaster was applied before the ban on asbestos was applied.

In a way, the thick plaster is effective at blocking sound, but as the years go by and the plaster starts to crack, it becomes less and less effective at doing its job.

Difficult to Paint

Most people prefer to have the popcorn ceiling smoothened out because the texture makes it very difficult to paint. Retaining this type of ceiling ensures that repainting the ceiling remains a very long, difficult project.


Since popcorn ceilings were in vogue somewhere in the 1980s and earlier, homes that have this appearance are considered antique, and the outdated feel becomes even stronger if the ceiling is white and the walls are painted in completely different colors.

High-Maintenance Ceiling

Another point against the popcorn ceiling is that you need to clean it while making sure that the asbestos inside of it remains calm and undisturbed. In your ceiling, the asbestos is a sleeping giant, and if disturbed, it could have serious repercussions. To keep your popcorn ceiling looking its very best, opt to use a vacuum cleaner fitted with a brush to carefully remove all the dust stuck to the ceiling. Extreme care needs to be taken when doing this task. If, at any time you notice the ceiling is damaged, don’t delay and call Supreme Painting immediately to prevent further asbestos contamination from happening.

If you’d like our help with painting, cleaning, or smoothing out your popcorn ceiling, make sure to get in touch with us at Supreme Painting. We are the premier brand that is trusted throughout the industry. Feel free to give us a call at 817-241-2424 or leave us a message on our Contact Us page. Our services include:interior and exterior painting, residential and commercial property painting, cabinet refinishing, and more.