Tips For Painting Your Home Interior
January 19, 2016
Interior Design Tips in Dallas Fort Worth by Supreme Painting
January 19, 2016
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Home Exterior Painting Tips

There comes a time in every homeowner’s life when they will walk outside, examine their home, and realize that it’s time for a fresh coat of paint. Maybe that last hail storm caused some weather damage, maybe the old paint is peeling, or maybe it’s simply time for a new color. Whatever the reason, it will be a serious undertaking.

Many people choose to hire a professional to paint the exterior of their home, as it is a very different animal than painting inside. However, if you aren’t afraid of the time commitment and the labor involved, then absolutely go for it! Supreme Painting is here to help with some tips to make the job a little easier.

Avoid the Rain: Rain can ruin your new paint job faster than you can say, “robin’s egg blue.” The rain will make your paint run, unable to dry and just generally look dreadful. So, before you plan a day to paint, be sure to check the forecast. If it calls for rain, simply wait a day. You don’t want to have to do the whole job twice!

Hateful Humidity: Just like rain, intense humidity can wreck a perfectly good point job. If you’re expecting extremely hot weather, it may be best to postpone your project. Another option is to start early in the morning or late in the day, so you can avoid the intense heat of midday.

Sun Stinks: The sun is obviously great for a lot of things, but exterior painting isn’t one of them. Painting in direct sunlight can cause fresh paint to peel, bubble, and crack. You can avoid these problems by painting on overcast days, or by painting in the shadows provided by the architecture of your home.

Cold Weather Caution: Cold can be just as bad for your paint as all of these other environmental factors. Most modern paint is fairly cold resistant, but if you expect temperatures below 25F you would be better off waiting a little while to get started.

When you’re ready to go on your new paint job, feel free to give Supreme Painting a call! We’re always happy to help by answering questions, or even lending a hand. If painting your home doesn’t sound up your alley, we can provide top quality service and do the job for you – saving you the time and headaches.