How to Protect Your Wood Furniture from Weathering

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How to Protect Your Wood Furniture from Weathering

One of the great features wooden furniture has to offer is its versatility. Because of its material and limitless designs, homeowners are given the choice to place them both indoors and/or outdoors – creating various appreances which will definitely increase their home’s aesthetic qualities. Now, although most homeowners prefer to place their wooden furniture inside their properties, there are some who love to see them outside for one of any of these two reasons: (1) to add a certain uniqueness and charm on their home’s exterior area, or (2) to give their wooden furniture a weathered look.

Homeowners and Weathering Their Wooden Furniture

Scientifically speaking, weathering is the physical and chemical degradation of wood. It is achieved when wood is exposed to natural elements, and in some cases, acid rain, over time. It may seem odd that some homeowners purposely damage their wooden furniture however, by weathering these items, they are able to achieve their goal – which is to make their furniture look old or beaten up.

There is nothing wrong with making your furniture look damaged because, aesthetically, it gives furniture depth and character, which pleases the home designer in you. However, weathering is not as simple as it seems. Any mistakes, missteps, or slight miscalculations you make will affect the finished product, and if nothing goes into plan, your wooden furniture may experience the following disasters:

  • Weakening of Structural Integrity
  • Wood Damages
  • Displeasing Odors
  • Unsightly Wooden Furniture

4 Steps to Protect Your Wooden Furniture from Weathering

On the other hand, if you are the type of homeowner who likes to keep the current quality of your outdoor wooden furniture as is, consider following this 4 step protection process, and prevent them from having to go through weathering.


First, you need to clean your wooden furniture for it to be able to come out nice and smooth. You may use the manual process of cleaning or purchase a chemical wood cleaner in your local stores. Do not mistake this step as something you can skip because it is important that your furniture is free from stains, mildew, mold, dirt, and similar blemishes, so that the wood will return to its original color.

Wait for the wooden furniture to be completely dry before you continue. Working with a damp material will make it almost impossible for the other steps to accomplish their task.


It is possible that your furniture has accumulated rough patches or splinters – which are unpleasant elements to see or feel. By sanding down the furniture, you will be able to smoothen out its surface and avoid these unwanted features from occurring in the end. You may use a sanding tool to make the job faster, but if your furniture has tight spaces, you need to do it by hand. Another thing to remember is that too much sanding will do more harm than help. Smoother surfaces are not ideal because it will have difficulty absorbing the stain or paint.

Stain or Color

Once that is over, you may now stain the furniture or coat it with your preferred paint.


The last step is to seal the wood with a UV protective coating. By doing so, your furniture will be able to withstand the outdoor elements with ease.

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