How to Touch Up Paint on Your Cabinets

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How to Touch Up Paint on Your Cabinets

The paint job on your cabinets can suffer a lot of wear and tear over time. And no matter how careful you are, small scuffs and scratches are inevitable when remodeling your home. Fortunately, touching up and repainting your cabinet isn’t all that difficult a task.

Touch Up Process

Trying to remove small scratches on the surface of your cabinet is mostly a trivial matter, but should be done with care. After all, you don’t want your cabinet’s surface to come out with an uneven paint job. It’s important to note that you should only paint over areas with imperfections since doing otherwise can leave a noticeable irregularity in its finish. You’ll want to fill in the scratched or darkened areas with a closely matching paint to make it blend in properly.

To do this, you can begin by taking a brush and a Q-tip to carefully paint over the scratch. Use the brush in one hand to apply the paint over the area and then use the Q-tip to clean up any excess paint around the scratch. Again, avoid putting too much paint over a wide area, especially if the scratch is less than an inch long. Scuffs can also be touched up in the same manner, by confining your painting efforts to the discolored areas using a Q-tip.

Repainting Your Cabinet

Proper preparation is important since it lays the groundwork for achieving a nice overall paint job. The preparation process is threefold: the first step involves cleaning, followed by sanding and finally priming.

Begin the cleaning process by cleaning the exterior from top to bottom with a multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser product. This should remove all residual dirt, oils and greases to make the next steps easier to complete. Next use a wet-dry sandpaper to wet sand the case until you get a nice even look.

You can then dry the cabinet thoroughly and begin to prime it with an automotive aerosol primer or a quality primer. Once the primer is flashing, you can then ready your detail gun and prepare to apply the final paint color. It’s recommended to do a single heavy coat to give everything that nice even look.

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