Interior Painting Ideas by Supreme Painting

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January 19, 2016
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Interior Painting Ideas by Supreme Painting

Interior Painting Ideas by Supreme Painting

Depending on the look that you are trying to accomplish will determine what would best suit your needs. You might want to have something fresh and new which would mean that you might be interested in the hottest colors for paint. You might want to accent the paint job that is already there with some of these new, bold and well sought after colors. No matter what the reason we have compiled some of the most sought after colors this year in order to ensure you have all the information that we have. For those out there that might feel that these colors are not for them that is ok we are always more than happy to help you with our color consultant.

Interior Paint 1: Aqua Chiffon

For those that might want to make a little change but not go to extremes this would be the color for you. This color is a playful and happy color that is not to light but not that dark either. Many people are using this relaxing color to accent their bathroom or for the border of their child’s room. Using this color to accent a room is nice and many people are using it to highlight the coloring they already have. There are some out there that use this color as their primary color for the room and have found a number of other colors that really make it pop.

Interior Paint 2: Oceanside

We are seeing more and more people leaning toward more colorful alternatives than we have seen in the past. Oceanside is a blue green color that is more blue than green. The great thing about this color is that we are seeing people like the fact that there seems to be more undertones that make the color appear mysterious or sultry. Some of our clients like to use this particular color in their bedroom and highlight the color with accents of amber, earthy tones and in some cases reds. We are finding that more people are stepping away from the typical white wall to fill their lives with unique colors that help relax them and help them show their individuality.

Interior Paint 3: Grey

In the past many people viewed grey as a dull or drab color and that is no longer the case. There are some out there that are finding that grey is a great way to make other colors pop. These people are also finding out that grey is versatile and is able to be combined with a number of different colors. This color also gives the benefit of having a more natural feel to it. There are those out there that are actually painting their walls with gray then accenting their walls with black, dark blues, or brighter colors that will pop against this color. We have seen this color used in bedrooms and living rooms. Many people have found the benefits to using this color to accent their kitchen with. Grey matches and works with a number of colors so when you have a color scheme for your appliances this color should go with them and help to highlight them.

Interior Paint 4: Forsythia Blossom

This color is bright. Many people have been incorporating this color into their kitchens and sunrooms. The only drawback to this type of color is you need to really think about where you want to use it. This would not be a color that would suit a bedroom. Due to the brightness of this color it might be problematic when it comes time to sleep. This is a very energizing color so you might not want to paint anywhere that you relax.

Interior Paint 5: Organic Garden

Professional painting contractor’s best describe this color as a greyish, bluish, green. Many people are finding that this color is able to be both warm and cool. You might want to push this color closer to the blue side of thing which can be accomplished by simply adding yellow or orange to the room. Those out there that might want to bring out the green of this paint simply accent it with red. For those out there that might want the greyer look will want to accent with white. This color is malleable which actually benefits you in the long term. Instead of needing to repaint a room you simply need to change the accents. When you change the accents you are in essence changing the whole color of the room.

Interior Paint 6: Grape Hyacinth

When you think about this color think grey meets purple. With more and more people wanting to express their unique style more and more colors like this are becoming common place. For those out there that might want a bedroom that is not scary or soft but a happy medium this would be the color that you will want to go with. There are some out there that are using this color as a secondary color in their living rooms creating great combinations. You may determine that this is not the color for you but you might want to keep this color in mind if you have camel or beige in your living room and you want a color to give it a boost.

Interior Paint 7: Clear Blue Sky

This color gives you the impression that you are looking at a clean and clear sky during the day. You might find that this color can really give a room an open feel to it. There was one home where they wanted to take a picture their child had drawn at school and paint their room after it. We used this color for the sky of the picture and it really made it seem as if you were lying on the grass and looking at the sky. This color really gives off the vibe of being trustworthy and pure. For those out there that might have a skylight in their bathroom it would not be a bad idea to use this paint on the ceiling where the skylight is.

Interior Paint 8: Cedar Green

Many people associate the color green with growth. With this color you should be able to get a sense of flexibility as well. This color works well in sunrooms. There are some that will use this color in the kitchen to give them a sense of the outdoors as they cook. Many people have found ways to accent various colors with cedar green giving their room a whole new look and feel.

Interior Paint 9: Turquoise

While this is a color that has been around for some time many people have avoided using this color in their home for fear of how it would go with anything else. Painting contracts should be able to show you how you can complement this great color with other colors in your home or show you where you would be able to put in this color to make your home come more together. Bathrooms are popular rooms to use this color in because it is relaxing. There are others that are using this color to accent their dining rooms and kitchens. Over all this color is nice, warm, and relaxing.

Interior Paint 10: Silhouette Gray

In the past the dining room, den, and library were painted in light browns and reds. Now more and more people are realizing how great this darker grey looks in a room especially when you do the trim in white and have black furniture. Basically you want to think about what is in the room and then determine which color would best suit that room. With furniture and everything else you can think of coming in a variety of colors you want to find a color that will be able to match not only your current furniture but furniture that you might get in the future. This is why this color is so popular because it tends to match most colors which allow you to be able to change furniture without needing to repaint the walls.

Interior Paint 11: Maple Brown

While many of the most popular colors these days are colors that were not found in homes in the past there are some colors that are classic and can still be appealing. Maple brown is one of those colors that seem to be able to withstand the test of time. There are times where you might want a classic look to one of your rooms and you should be able to accomplish this with the maple brown accents in a room.

The bottom line comes down to the fact that there are so many colors that you have to select from and you might need to consult with your interior paint specialist in order to find the right combination of colors to make your home look great. Depending on the residential painting company that you select you might be able to find a painting contractor that will be able to assist you with narrowing down your list of colors and show you which colors will blend with others to tie all the rooms in your home together. For those out there that want to really diversify their rooms and have each one with its own personality you will need to talk to your painting contractors about any suggestions that they might have.