Textured Painting and Faux Finishing Services in Fort Worth


Textured Painting

Adding texture to walls can give a room richness and depth.

Supreme Painting of Fort Worth offers textured painting. Our expert painters have years of experience in textured painting and can make your walls and ceilings look not only new again, but can add style and sophistication. Textured painting is also a popular choice for dealing with cracks and other imperfections. We offer a wide variety of textures for remodeling or restoration in both residential and commercial projects.

Some textured painting techniques require specific tools and training in order to be recreated for the best results. When you combine the cost of the equipment and materials, plus learning the techniques, you will find that hiring an experienced and professional painter is the best option.

Faux Painting

Supreme Painting also offers quality faux finishes that include a wide range of decorative painting techniques meant to replicate materials with paint. We provide beautiful and unique textures to walls and ceilings, thus helping you create the exact look to match your style!

Our professional painters will go over several style options and color choices to determine your expectations for your home. Before any painting begins, we’ll make sure we’re on the same page!