Is it A Good Idea to Paint My Gutters?

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January 18, 2016
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January 18, 2016
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Is it A Good Idea to Paint My Gutters?

Your home’s gutters and downspouts perform an important role in maintaining your building’s lifespan. Whenever it is rain, snow, or hail, your roofs are your first lines of defense that protects you from these outside elements; but even though they are designed to take these climates head on, they need to be maintained and repaired from time-to-time to be able to keep up with the ever changing weathers of this century. If not, chances are that your roof and home will experience numerous damages, such as mold buildup and rust, which are events that are caused by an abundance of moisture. With the help of your home’s gutters and downspouts, the water, that was supposedly submerging your roof, can be directed downwards – reducing the moisture buildup on top of your home.

Why it is Important to Paint Your Gutters

Since your gutters are a part of an important home maintenance process, keeping them in their tiptop form will enable them to perform their function. One way to achieve this is to have them painted.

Yes, it is a good idea to have your gutters painted for three important reasons.
To keep them clean

Having your gutters regularly painted is a smart way of building a good habit. To paint this particular structure of your home, you will need to use a ladder and look at what you are dealing with. By doing so, it is possible to see numerous obstructions that can potentially block the water’s passageway, thus, urging you to clean the area first before painting.

To bring them back from rust and keep them from rusting

If your gutters are severely rusty, the best way to bring it back to life is to have them painted. However, painting on a rusty surface is not ideal because not only will it be difficult for the paint to stick, but also, create an undesirable paint job in the end. In order to achieve the result you want, you need to treat the rust first before the initial painting process – enabling your gutters to fortify their material.

Some paints have rust proof features, so if you decide to repaint or paint your gutters, coat it with a trustworthy and rust proof paint brand. By doing so, you are giving your gutters a longer lifespan.
To match the color of your roof

This particular reason depends on the owner of the residence. If the current paint color of your gutters is not damaged or unsightly, it is okay to keep them that way. However, for those homeowners who like to see the exterior of their homes compliment and match each other, painting your gutters with the same color as your roofs will give you the effect you have always wanted.

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