How Long Should the Exterior Paint Last on My DFW Home?

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June 1, 2017
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How Long Should the Exterior Paint Last on My DFW Home?

Prep is important!

The short answer, it all depends on the prep.  You know, the stuff that is not fun to do.  This includes cleaning, scraping, priming, and caulking.  None of this is seen, so why do it?  If you are like some, you skip these steps, you get right to the sexy part, adding color.  This makes it quick and you get instant gratification.  You now have a brand new looking home with a bright shiny coat of color.  But how long will it last?


Skipping the prep will give you disappointing results.

Going this route will give you instant gratification.  But you will soon be disappointed with the results.  By skipping the “not so fun” prep work, you did not give your project a good foundation to build the new coat of color.  The cleaning needs to be done so your paint will adhere to the previous paint.  The scraping needs to be done so the new coat will stick to a solid surface.  The priming needs to be done so the new paint can be built up and protect.  The caulking needs to be done to seal out any water penetration.

Prep and maintenance is the key to a long lasting painting project.

Most homes nowadays are 2 stories, which means more siding and more areas needing all that “not so fun” prep work.  To make matters worse, now you have to climb a ladder to be able to complete the “not so fun” work.

The good news is, if you do the “not so fun” prep work and give the topcoat of paint a good foundation.  Your paint job should last 7, 10 or even 15 years before it will need another coat.

A small amount of maintenance can make the new paint last even longer.  That is why Supreme Painting gives all residential painting we do a 7-year warranty that includes yearly FREE touch-ups.  The touch-ups can catch some trouble spots before they can cause any damage.


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