Painting Contractors in Dallas Fort Worth

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January 19, 2016
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January 19, 2016
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Painting Contractors in Dallas Fort Worth

Painting Contractors in Dallas Fort Worth

For many, keeping their home’s appearance up is a number one priority in maintaining value in one of the most expensive investments they will ever own. For that reason, painting contractors in Fort Worth Texas are often called upon.However, it might not be just a measurement to continue to protect a worthwhile investment. Professional painting companies are often called prior to showing a house or putting it on a market. Many homeowners will call a painting contractor when they have just purchased a house, as part of the initial investments, or part of their way of customizing the home, making it their own. Still, it is important to note that exterior house painting is more than just a step toward improving and maintaining beautification. A new coat of paint on the exterior of the home helps to protect the house including the building materials. Paint provides a protective coating to prevent wood from rotting and warping as well as helping to maintain a proper air seal and keeping out bugs.

For those who have attempting handling house painting on their own, it is quite possible they have seen some of the pitfalls of a DIY painting job. There is a lot of things that professional painting contractors in Texas learn with both experience and dedicated training. For those who do not work with painting down here all the time, there are a number of mistakes that can be—and often are—made. For example, experience painters know that paint should not be applied when it is too hot or too cold. The extreme temperatures we sometimes get in Texas can make it so that the mixture of the paint does not hold properly. In such cases, the paint can become runny or clumped. It might even look okay and appear to apply okay. However, improper temperatures while apply or during storage can cause paint to apply unevenly, causing running, sagging, wrinkles, etc. This then means that the paint needs to be reapplied.

You can run into the same problems if you try painting when the ambient humidity is too high. That can be pretty common when painting in Arlington, Flower Mound, Fort Worth, and Dallas. With too much moisture in the air, it puts too much moisture into the paint. Have you ever tried adding water to perfectly mixed paint, and seeing how it comes out? It doesn’t turn out well. That’s for sure. This can cause lumping, thinning, and other problems with the paint. If the paint is applied while it is too humid, it can end up causing sagging, bubbling, and an uneven coat.

When you run into these sorts of problems painting a house, it might not show up right away. It could take days, weeks, or even months before you see the issues. And, as time progresses, the problems get worse. Bubbles and cracking just have a way of growing and getting worse. The way of fixing it is not very fun either. It usually means taking off the paint and starting new. To take off the paint, you end up using paint thinner, sanding, and in some cases pressure washing or even sandblasting. Sand blasting is rare with residential painting jobs, but it can be necessary from time to time. In any event, it ends up meaning more work and more money.

Professional Texas painting contractors have the experience, training, and tools to help avoid these issues. For dealing with humidity, for example, they can bring in a plastic enclosure and heaters or dehumidifying units. It does not make for a comfortable job, but they are professionals and they know how to get the job done both quickly and correctly. They also know the best kinds of paints to use for exterior and interior house painting, so they can help choose ones that are a little more resilient to the elements, go on better, and last longer. They can also get the premium paints for usually less than a consumer can. This is because they have existing relationships with local vendors and they tend to buy in bulk.

Another thing to consider when it comes to saving money by hiring a painting contractor is all the tools they already have, because they are professional painters. Where many homeowners will need to buy tools and equipment to paint a house, painting contractors already have those things. This includes a variety of ladders, drop clothes, plastic, tape, paint brushes, rollers, drip pans, paint sprayers, and so on. Other tools that people need to consider when looking at painting a house include sand paper, screwdrivers, hammers, and putty knives. A lot of new painters forget that, before they move to paint a house, there are often repairs that need to be made. This might include repairing trim or siding. It might means that some wood needs replaced or shutters need fixed up. If you start painting the house and ignore this step, it could mean you run into trouble only half way through the job.

Rather than deal with all of the frustration, lost time, and additional work and cost, it just makes sense to hire professional house painters for painting in Fort Worth. If nothing else, consider that all paint should be purchased and mixed at the same time. But, you do not want to have buckets of paint sitting around for weeks while you work to finish the job. They need to be purchased and mixed at the same time in order to avoid small variations in color, composition, and texture. But, if they are left sitting in the shed or garage, they can start to break down. The mix comes apart, separating into different portions. So, you only have a couple days at most to paint a house. Are you going to use vacation days to try and get it done all at once? Are you going to call over friends and family to help? Do they have tools or are you going to have to buy more supplies for them to be able to help? Plus, painters should have their own insurance in case there is an accident or something gets damaged while painting, which alleviates another potential cost for the homeowners.

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