Painting Techniques Used by Painting Contractors in Dallas Fort Worth

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January 19, 2016
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January 19, 2016
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Painting Techniques Used by Painting Contractors in Dallas Fort Worth

Painting Techniques Used by Painting Contractors in Dallas Fort Worth

For those looking to personalize their homes with some excellent interior design ideas, painting contractors in Fort Worth TX can help in creating a unique, magazine photo shoot ready design on interior walls. A lot of homeowners will turn to a professional painter to have special designs implemented with paint on the walls. While that is a good idea, some designs really are not too hard to pull off. It takes a bit of patience, a ruler, some tape, and a steady hand. Fort Worth painters can help you by getting these great looks into your home. However, if you still wish to handle the painting tasks on your own, these tips will provide you the basics on painting these excellent designs yourself.

Painting a Diamond Pattern on Your Walls

The diamond pattern has become quite popular in recent years. It is a two-toned paint style, where you need to use two coordinated paint colors. You will choose to use one color as a base color and the other color will be the color of the diamonds on the walls. Along with paint and brushes and rollers, you will need painters tape, a t-square or ruler, and a carpenter’s level. You will also need a pencil of chalk to mark the patterns on the walls.

Before doing anything else, you will need to prep the walls for painting. This will include filling in nail holes, patching dry wall, and cleaning the walls. Once that has been completed, you will need to paint the base coat. Before painting the base coat, you probably need to prime the walls. You may not need to use primer, if you purchased paint with primer mixed in. Once you have primed and painted the base coat, let the paint dry before taking any further steps. Usually, a coat of paint takes about four hours to dry. For most interior walls, it takes two coats of primer and paint, so keep that in mind when you want to carry out a task like this in your home. Professional painters may use fans or heaters to help speed up the drying of the paint. The base coat is usually the lighter of the two colors you have chosen for the room, although this is not always the case.

Next, you will need to decide the size of the diamonds for your pattern. Generally, the height of the diamond should be double the width. Next, paint the walls with the base color for the wall.

Once the base coat is dry, you will draw vertical lines down the wall which will be separate by the width of your diamonds. Draw a straight line down the entire height of the wall, each line exactly the same distance apart as the width of the diamond. You will now need to move on to drawing horizontal lines across the full length of the wall. These lines should be separated by the same distance as the height of the diamonds. Once completes, you will have a rectangular grid filling the entire wall.

Next, measure the rectangles and mark the middle of each side. Then draw lines between the dots to make the diamond shop. These lines will need removed at some point, so do not make the lines too dark. Chalk is actually the easiest to remove. The diamond shapes should now be outlined by the safe-release tape. With a mini roller, fill the diamond shapes you have outlined with tape. Remove the tape and check for any touch ups that need to be done. Allow the paint to dry then return to remove any lines you had drawn.

Painting a Striped Pattern on Your Walls

Whether you are looking to add vertical stripes or horizontal stripes to a newly painted room, the steps are the same. You will need at least two different colors for this job—a base coat and a corresponding stripe color. In some cases, you may want different colored stripes, so you will need more than just two paint colors. You will also need a 9 inch roller frame and cover, mini roller frame and cover, roller pan and liner, and 1 inch or 2 inch safe-release tape. You will also need a straight edge such as a tape measure or carpenter’s level. Finally, you will need something to make marks on the wall such as a pencil, colored pencil, or chalk.

Before you begin any painting, you need to decide on the effect you are looking for. Texas painting contractors can tell you that horizontal strips make a room appear more spacious while vertical strips present the illusion of a higher ceiling. Once you have figured this out, it is time to move on to actually painting the room.
To begin, paint the base coat on the walls. You want to start with the lighter or lightest of the colors you have chosen. The paint should be left to dry for at least four hours. Better yet, allow the paint to stand and dry overnight.

You will start planning out the stripes from a corner that is hardest to see. The strips should be between four inches and 12 inches. Anything smaller than a four inch strip creates a pattern that is too small and makes the design look too busy. Anything wider than 12 inches makes the line seem too big and heavy.

You will begin by marking the lines you want to draw in the corner that is least seen. You will also begin taping from this area. Use a tape measure at different points along the wall to verify the width of the stripes is the same across the entire wall. These lines will be completed with a carpenter’s square. Then, you may place the safe-release tape to outline the shape of the stripes. You can erase the guidelines you drew on the wall at this point, once the tape is placed but before the second stage of painting stripes begins.

Once you have painted the stripes on the wall, you have two choices. You can allow the paint to dry and then remove the tape. Or, you can remove the tape after the wall is painted but before the paint is dry. Be sure to angle away from the freshly painted areas if you try pulling the tape before the paint is dry.

There are other painting techniques such as checker/square painting patterns or polka dot patterns that use some of these same basic principles. If you want to save yourself a lot of time and headaches, though, you may want to consider hiring painting contractors in Fort Worth TX to bring your dream room into reality. For help with planning your interior painting, please give us a call today and we’d be happy to help out.