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January 19, 2016
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How to Pick a Paint Color

Did you know that color accounts for over 60% of your response to an object or a place? This explains why you may find yourself uncomfortable in some places and at ease in others. Paint is the easiest and cheapest way of changing the look of a room. With that in mind, here’s a guide on picking the perfect paint color.

Think about the mood

Before you start painting a room, think about the mood of the room. For instance, would you like to feel intimate the moment you step into your bedroom or do you prefer a relaxed, soothing atmosphere? Well, strong colors create a dramatic feel while soft, cool colors and neutral ones ooze of serenity. Do you want your dining area to feel sociable? Perhaps quiet and formal? Tinker with warm and contrasting colors to create a sociable ambience and deep blue or green or even neutrals for a formal dining area.
• Red – high energy color known to increase appetite and conversations. Best suited for your living room and the dining room.
• Orange – evokes a sense of power and authority hence is suited for the kitchen and living spaces
• Yellow – brings warmth and happiness but don’t paint your baby’s room yellow. The intensity can easily build up anger.
• Green – calms you down and refreshes your mind
• Blue – its a calm color known to boost productivity.

Pay attention to lightning

There’s a good reason as to why you find paint stores with light boxes: to test paint chips. Natural light shows the paint chips in their truest color while incandescent lighting brings out yellows and warm tones. Case in point: a room may look too distinct if all its walls are painted with bright colors or if it has a large window but the same cannot be said when only one wall is painted.

Follow the color wheel
Since you may not be an expert painter, consider following the color wheel if you want to mix two or more colors. For example, you can mix two complimentary colors like red and blue with this tool for a more intensive finish. You’ll be surprised to discover many more combinations you can come up with. Supreme Painting in Fort Worth will guide you through this magical color wheel

The finish cheat sheet

Now that you have done your homework on the best colors for your place you can now consider a matching finish. Wait. Finish? What finish? Well here are 3 options to choose from:
• the flat finish – typically used in bedrooms, living rooms and ceilings. Also ideal for walls with lots of imperfections. A flat finish is easy to touch up but hard to clean. Avoid it in your kitchen or bathroom.
• satin – has a silky finish that can be scrubbed off to get rid of dirt. Ideal for kitchens, children’s room, bathrooms and family rooms. Satin is hard to touch up because of the sheen.
• gloss – brings out imperfections on the painted surface. Best suited for woodwork and mouldings.

For now, that’s how you pick a paint color for your home. Follow these tips and you won’t be disappointed.​ There are other finishes which Supreme Painting can
talk to you about, just gives us a call at 817 457-9353.