Practical Tips when Hand Brushing Your Window Sill | Fort Worth, TX

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Practical Tips when Hand Brushing Your Window Sill | Fort Worth, TX

Painting your window sill by hand is a delicate job, from the scraping to the repainting. If you’re tired of getting paint on the glass when you repaint the window sill, or you’d like some helpful tips on making your life much, much easier while doing this job, read on.

Add Some Vaseline

If you want to avoid paint sticking to the glass, try applying some Vaseline on the area where the glass sticks to the trim. This enables you to simply wipe the glass and the paint goes along with it, without any scrubbing or need for a razor blade. If you don’t have any, an acceptable alternative is some lip balm. If you’re using oil-based paint, it’s extremely thick and takes awhile to get used to. Since the paint has oil on it, cleaning the brushes will need some paint thinner afterwards. Oil-based paint also has a strong smell, so work in either a garage or outdoors, or any place with suitable ventilation, as much as possible.

The Paint Can Trick

You can skip getting paint all over the paint can’s rim by applying some masking tape, painter’s tape or transparent tape. When you’re finished, remove the tape and the rim will stay clean and easy to open the next time you feel like having another round of painting. If you want another method, attach a rubber band to the paint can for easier cleanup. Call the experts at Supreme Painting at any point when this becomes too much of a challenge.

Sand it Down

If you’d like a smoother feel to your window sills, sand it down first after scraping all the old paint away. The paint sticks much better this way.

Use an Angled Brush

If you don’t like dipping your paint cans into Q-tips to get a more precise color onto the window sill, use an angled brush, as it gets the job done and covers more ground than regular Q-tips.

Pencil it In

If you don’t need to repaint the entire window sill, but would like to refill some spots that may have become loose over the years, use a bulb and shine some light onto the window sill. With every piece of loose paint that you see, take a pencil and mark the spots that need repainting.

Cut Loose Tape

After the paint has dried, you risk removing parts of dried paint from the walls if you pull it out immediately. To avoid it, use a sharp knife or cutter (don’t use scissors, the blades might scrape even more paint off of the walls) and cut the tape first. Don’t cut paint before it’s fully dried, or you’ll have an even bigger mess to clean up.

If you’d like our help or advice in painting your window sill, get in touch with us at Supreme Painting. We are the premier brand that is trusted throughout the industry. Feel free to give us a call at 817-241-2424 or leave us a message on our Contact Us page. Our services include: interior and exterior painting, residential and commercial property painting, and cabinet refinishing, and more.