Tips For Painting Your Home Exterior By Supreme Painting

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January 19, 2016
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December 4, 2016
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Tips For Painting Your Home Exterior By Supreme Painting

Tips for Painting Your Home’s Exterior

Painting the exterior of a home requires certain considerations specific to painting in an outdoor space. Any professional you hire for the job should be aware of what it takes to get optimal results from an outdoor paint job. What does it take to paint the outside of your home? Here are some great tips for painting your home’s exterior:

  • Clear the perimeter of the home. Trim back bushes, tree branches or other foliage that brushes up against or leans against the home. This will only get in the way while you work, and can potentially damage your new paint job.
  • Protect freestanding objects close to your home. Cover any air conditioning unit, dog house, kids play house, swing set, and/or any other freestanding objects that are in the vicinity of the paint job. You can use plastic sheeting or a tarp for this.
  • Clean the siding. Paint won’t stick to a dirty surface, so before you even begin painting, you must do a thorough job of cleaning the siding. To do this, use soapy water and a scrub brush or broom. Then rinse the siding using a garden hose until the runoff water is clear.
  • Repair imperfections. Inspect the exterior surfaces for holes, cracks, and/or crevices. Fill these imperfections with wood putty, allow the putty to dry, sand it down and wipe any dust away with tack cloth. Also, secure any loose siding into place with siding nails.
  • Paint soffits and trim first. That way, any stray paint will be covered by the exterior paint you use for the siding.
  • Use a primer. A primer is a base coat that creates a smooth surface for painting over, and that blocks out stains that might bleed through. If you are painting wood siding, then it is especially important that you begin with a primer.
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