What Kind of Paint is Best for Outdoor Use? | Fort Worth, TX

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What Kind of Paint is Best for Outdoor Use? | Fort Worth, TX

You might not be aware of this, but paint that is used indoors is different from paint that is used outdoors. You cannot buy just one kind of paint when you are planning on repainting the inside as well as the outside of your home. You will need to select different types for each. This is because of the differences in conditions that each surface experiences, which means that you will need to choose the right paint for each.

Aside from the different paints needed for outdoors and indoors, you will also need to choose paints according to where these will be used. There are paints that are ideal for porches and outdoor floors, ideal for gutters, for house sidings, and for masonry. Paint for roofs will also be different from these, and you will need to find the best type for each usage.

For your floor or porch painting requirements, you should look for paint that provides optimal weather-resistant coverage. Oil and latex are considered the best for this, but 100% acrylic latex is said to be a good option for this as well. Other parts of your home that will do well with oil and latex paint include gutters and house sidings. This is because this paint can withstand different weather conditions, and can adhere well to a variety of surfaces.

One thing you will need to do when using oil or latex paint on these different parts of your home is to know what needs to be prepared before you paint these. For gutters, you will need to paint these with a metal primer before using your oil or latex paint on it. For your sidings, you should look for these paints in formulations that are made specifically for these parts of your home.

Parts of your home that are made out of stucco, cement, or concrete should be painted with the use of Latex. Before you use this paint on these surfaces, a primer may be needed to enable proper adherence of the paint. This paint can also be used on shingled roofs, and this surface should also be pretreated with primer as well.

When you are planning on painting your roof, an acrylic-latex type of paint is your best bet. Look for a paint that is algae and mildew resistant. You should be aware though that while these are paints ideal for use on roofs, these are not to be used for waterproofing or for covering up leaks on your roof. You will need to have these done before you paint your roof.

It may seem like a rather complicated process, but choosing the right paint for your exteriors is vital to the protection of your home, as well as in keeping your outside looking good for as long as it can. If you don’t want to be bothered by the intricacies of exterior painting, you should consider getting in touch with a company that specializes in this task, like Supreme Painting. Aside from helping you with selecting the right paints for the outside of your home, we also specialize in interior painting, commercial painting, and even cabinet refinishing work. Contact us today at 888-616-2520, or message us via our contact us page.