Which Paint Finish Is Best for Wood Surfaces? | Fort Worth, TX

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January 18, 2016
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Which Paint Finish Is Best for Wood Surfaces? | Fort Worth, TX

Starting a painting project always begins with choosing the right colors and a good brand of paint for it. And once you’re done, finding an appropriate finish to apply is a good practice to follow. Making use of a nice finish over your completed project can greatly enhance the colors you used, as well as give it some added protection against the elements.

However, deciding which finish to use on your wooden furniture or surface isn’t always easy to figure out. This decision mostly depends on the kind of look that you want to achieve with the paint coat. The finish that you choose will also affect the object’s condition, as well as the ease in which you will be able to clean it.

Here are some common examples of paint finishes that you can use on your indoor and outdoor painting projects.


Eggshell finishes are great if you want your paint job to last. It is very durable and comes in various levels of sheen. Using it after two coats can give the surface a nice and even color. It is commonly used for interior woodwork to give it a good semi-gloss look, although it is still possible to use it on exterior surfaces. Eggshell can also be used on walls, where a hardy finish is required since it is easier to clean in this manner.


Another glossy type of finish, satin is mainly used on both wooden and metal surfaces. Similar to eggshell, it is also considered a hardwearing finish that is popular in interior woodwork. It is slightly less shiny in contrast and is available as a latex-based option. However, it does not provide a high amount of shine or hardwearing compared to its solvent-based counterparts.


Flat is commonly used on walls and ceilings as a latex-based paint finish. It comes in several variants, including: various matt finishes, a water-based eggshell and silk. There are even variations with vinyl which make it more hardwearing than its ordinary version. Surfaces applied with flat become more water resistant, making it best for use with siding materials. You can apply as many coats as necessary until an even coverage is achieved.

Each type of paint finish has several variants that can make your painting project come out differently. Make sure to consult with an expert if you’re not sure how to properly apply the finish. There are many service providers that can give you a proper education on its application.

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